Fleet Management Services

With AutoGP support, you can transform your fleet into a reliable operation that aligns with, and supports, the  business objectives of the entire organization.

Tracking System

While all of the tracking systems have a specific feature, AutoGP Fleet Management stands out with its advantages:

  •       Installation: the installation of the vehicle tracking system only takes 48 hours.
  •       Real-time tracking: Auto GP Fleet system allows you to track your fleet in real-time.
  •       Web interface: track the fleet, login into Auto user friendly-interface

Designed in house: this system was developed in-house, which means it can be tailored to the needs of the customer.

Driver performance: with AutoGP tracking system it is possible to track driver’s behaviour, eliminate unwanted behaviour and use this information for further training of drivers.

Car Rental

Our vehicle rental team can deliver new vehicles, cars or vans, 24/7, 365 days a year to the address of choice – be that office, home or remote location – usually within 24-48 hour notice.


For rental needs longer than the traditional 28 day maximum for short term hire, we can offer businesses our acclaimed Mini-lease, available from three to 12 months in duration.

Our Mini-lease solution bridges the mobility gap between daily rental and longer-term contract hire perfectly, and provides tailored rates for up to 12 months.

By using Mini-lease, organisations can reduce costs and avoid getting locked into costly long-term vehicle leasing contracts, which typically come with significant penalties for early termination or eye-watering excess mileage charges.

Vehicle Disposal

Auto GP can dispose of any sort of vehicle from inoperable vehicles to those that are still in a decent working condition.

The team is reputable for making sure that our clients always get a good deal with every vehicle that they dispose of. Each vehicle that is arranged for the benefit of our customers is represented and the group guarantees that the client gets its settlement quickly.

Enhance your fleet with tailored, scalable services.


Our highly skilled industry professionals will repair your damaged panels and other parts of the vehicle. 


We offer a mobile fitment service to cater to all your auto glass needs. 

24h National Towing Services

Our comprehensive inventory of equipment and a vast fleet means we can handle any light, medium, or heavy-duty towing you may need.


Our onsite designers can bring your ideas to life, and our vehicle branding team will expertly apply your branding to your vehicles.

Tyre Fitment Centre

Auto GP fitment centres pride itself in providing professional full-service tyre fitment solutions that offer premium service. 

Spray Painting

We at Auto GP Motors understand the hassle of being without your vehicle for a period of time that is why we have our team assess your vehicle immediately upon your arrival so we can proceed to repair and deliver your vehicle promptly.