Fleet Maintenance Services

Minor and Major Service

Our staff is highly skilled and bring a wealth of experience to combat any problem that may occur in your vehicle. We  invest heavily in diagnostic equipment and the latest equipment to ensure that your vehicles are looked after in the  best way possible.

Auto GP adopts a simple ‘no nonsense’ approach with regards to car repair. All work is confirmed with the customer  beforehand and nothing is replaced that isn’t necessary. There will never be an unexpected cost or billing without  your knowledge at Auto GP Service Centre.

As an independent service centre, we offer repair services on all makes and models and cover nearly every area of the  vehicle. If you’re in between services and concerned about the condition of your car brakes, we provide a number of  brake services at AutoGP.

From a free, no-obligation brake check, to a brake fluid change, our trained technicians will ensure that your vehicles  are in full working order. We understand that your employees safety on the road is of utmost importance and that  your vehicles roadworthiness is a priority. We can assist you to achieve this by providing services that cater to your  vehicles needs. This can be achieved through:

  • Tyres
  • Brakes
  • Batteries
  • Exhausts
  • Suspension
  • Timing Kit
  • Engine Rebuilds,
  • Scheduled Servicing
  • Minor and Major Repairs
  • Gearboxes and More

Fleet Telematics

AUTOGP utilizes modern fleet tracking technology designed to maximize your profits and keep your daily operations costs down. Our easy-to-use solutions are built for fleets in all industries including yellow plants.

24/7 National

Towing Service

Our comprehensive inventory of equipment means we can handle any light, medium or heavy duty towing you may need. Our drivers and tow operators are highly trained and here to help you in any way they can. We offer roadside assistance to your fleet any time of the day and every day of the week, anywhere in South Africa.


Towing and Transport

  • Light Duty
  • Medium Duty
  • Heavy Duty
  • Roadside Assistance

Auto Body Repair

On the road, you are met with unforeseen accidents that damage your vehicle leaving you shopping for an auto body repair shop who will do a proper job as efficiently as possible. We at Auto GP Motors understand the hassle of being without your vehicle for a period of time, that is why we have our team assess your vehicle immediately upon your arrival so we can proceed to repair and deliver your vehicle promptly.

Tyre Fitment Centre

Auto GP fitment centers pride itself in providing professional full-service tyre fitment solutions that offer premium service, coupled with our trusted expertise in tyres. You are guarranteed a commitment to your requirements from our highly trained and supportive staff members.